Application for color formula

Application for iOS/Android

The AUTO COLOR® Recipe is・・・

Free Download Application

Enable to download from APP Store(iOS)/Google Play(Android).Application for portable terminal such as smart phone or tablet for iOS/Android

Fast & Easy to find color formula!

Total color formula about 70,000 data. Always possible to select latest color formula information.

Wireless connection to ROCK MICOM SCALE IV

This is the Application that is possible for searching color data and mixing color continuously by wireless connecting between smart phone/tablet and ROCK MICOM SCALE IV.

It is necessary to purchase ROCK MICOM SCALE IV and BT module set (for iOS/Android) to use this wireless connecting system.

Details of Application

Name AUTO COLOR® Recipe
Compatible models
iOS portable terminal iPhone / iPad
Android portable terminal smart phone, tablet

  • *Note (2022.5)
  •   - Internet connection environment
  •   - Not confirmed all of portable terminal
  •   - Please prepare above portable terminal by your self.
  •   - Please read carefully terms of use
  Operation checked portable terminal list
Price Free (communication charges will be borne by the customer.)

What's New

31 May 2022
The list of supported devices has been updated.
26 March 2021
The list of supported devices has been updated.
10 November 2015
Update iOS/Android version. (Ver.2.0)
- Possible to search and mix color in English environment.
24 August 2015
Update Android version. (Ver.1.1)
- Possible to scan QR code by portable terminal which does not have auto focus.
- Improved scanning response of QR code
10 August 2015
Added Operation checked portable terminal list.
19 June 2015
AUTO COLOR® Recipe released.

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